rogue_red_dragon :

I am constantly getting unwanted spam instant messages wanting me to check out websites or messages that are just audibles from random users. And before I get answers from all the think they know it alls I know I can stop them by checking the setting for block everyone not on my contact list. I shouldn’t have to be the only option. I have never had this problem until yahoo messenger updated program the last 2 times. Is it a yahoo security problem, or a bug of some type because all virus and spyware scans have not stopped them. This is really starting to irritate me greatly!! Someone with real knowledge on this please help.
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sunrise_n_tn :

I bought a new computer, because my old one was tearing up. I had been told the mother board would be going soon, so when it started going really slow, constantly showing “This page cannot be displayed” errors, playing videos very slowly & freezing, I figured it was getting worse, so I got a BRAND new Dell PC. Only to find this one doing the SAME THING! The only difference is now, my virus scanner (which I also had on the old computer) keeps popping up messages to me. The most frequent one says “Inbound Malware Probe MyDoom In”…the most recent says “Intrustion attempt detected TCP High ports in”. All of them say that my firewall has blocked them. I’ve also noticed (in the 4 days or so since I’ve had this computer), I’ve gotten a LOT of spam mail to my main email (not a yahoo acct, or such). What could have happened to cause this and how can I stop it? Is it some sort of virus or spyware or adware? A virus scan shows no viruses. But something is going on. Please help!

GoodShepherd :

What is the best antivirius, firewall and anti-spy/spam? It doesn’t matter if it’s all single (like zonealarm, norton, etc.,). Or if it’s a package deal like Norton Internet security suite.

However I want them to all work together as I understand Norton antivirus does not work with some others.

Is McAfree good?

What’s going to stop those weird things like 008k.Com? Coolweb, etc.?
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♥D@t_bLaSiaN♥ :

okay,so the thing is that anytime my protection on the pc informs me about something i dont need,i always select”block this……….” and i dont know wat happened but i saw something about yahoo messenger and i thought it was spam or spyware or a virus that had it,so i just clicked on “block” without reading it which i know was stupid, and u dont have to tell me that,but now when i want to sign in,it starts but then after like 3seconds it stops again and ive been trying to sign in for the past 48hours,did i by any chance block yahoo messenger and if so,how can i unblock it????
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please help…thanx!

Shitzu owner :

I have run all the major free Antivirus, spam and trojan scans and nothing turns up. I tried Microsoft malicous code scanner. What can a person try to stop these runaway processes? At times there are 40-50 ipconfig.exe images running, under the system.

Mike :

SUPERANTISPYWARE got rid of 24 incidences of spyware, in my computer, then I installed ZoneAlarm for more protection, but I keep getting a security alert OVER AND OVER that “” keeps trying to connect to me. What can I do to stop this, thanks.
Now I’m getting readings that (from China) is also attempting to connect, I don’t know what to do… :(

Peter N :

Stupidly (I know, shoot me) installed a special software toolbar on my pc (thinking it would get me software off the net) and I uninstalled it using Add/Remove function in Windows XP. I have noticed that it still opens up spam windows on my pc when I browse the net. It is most certainly annoying to experience this. I have used Ad-Aware and Spybot but they don’t seem to remove the program. How do I stop this program from hijacking my browser? Thanx!!!

Neel S :

I get several “returned” e-mails a day, I read that this means someone has stolen my e-mail identity and is spoofing my address. Is there a solution to stop me getting all these e-mails that I have never sent being returned?

I have scanned for viruses and spyware, and have a soft and hardware firewall howw did this happen?

Seeking Redemption :

Just recently when I click on a link (sent mail, in-box, and actual messages etc.) in Yahoo Mail, I am redirected to a spam advert page for gambling. Here is the spam page×150+linktarget=%27_blank%27+rnd=1244539606

Sometimes this is so bad I can hardly use Yahoo because I’m battling to go back to Yahoo away from the gambling page while it keeps trying to go to the gambling spam page, and then sometimes it simply stops and Yahoo functions OK.

I have contacted Yahoo about this (I only just sent the mail) and I have also scanned my whole computer for viruses, adware, spyware, and the scan result was clean. I am using AVG and AVG are looking into the issue.

While I wait for Yahoo and AVG to reply I was wondering if anyone else has experienced these problems or if you have any advice or know what is going on?

I’ve googled “” and its seems “” is related to spyware but I also realize companies like Yahoo do business with advert tracking companies such as “” and “doubleclick” who dump their tracking cookies on our computers. When pages load for Yahoo-Mail pages I also notice stuff loading for which is a tracking cookie evil, I think. I am currently blocking all third party cookies but this is not helping.

Thanks for advice and feedback.
AVG is apparently better software than trendmicro, according to reviews. I have switched away you Yahoo Classic to the more modern Yahoo mail reader, and so far it is OK so maybe the problem is something to do with Yahoo Classic?

camryns mommy :

My computer has been very slow here for the past 3 weeks & I keep having the pop ups saying your computer is infected with spyware free scan now. Also on some of the web sites I go to, pictures on them change to a little box that says my computer if infected with spyware. Im assuming it has a virus. I have deleted my cookies & that didnt help. What do I need to do? All these diffrent websites keep poping up & start scanning my computer but I am scared to let it finish incase it is another virus trying to attact my computer. Norton anti-virus poped up and told me that there was an attempt to attack my computer but it was stopped.. A little help anyone??!! Thanks!

Spam emails from my computer?

L337ragdoll : I have a laptop, that has virus scan and spyware deleters. But I’ve noticed that when I’m online, it appears to send messages out, without me doing anything. Also, I think roadrunner made it so I can’t get online on my laptop. I have no idea what is sending these emails, and more [...]

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