Yahoo mail is often redirecting me to spam adverts. Advice?

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Seeking Redemption :

Just recently when I click on a link (sent mail, in-box, and actual messages etc.) in Yahoo Mail, I am redirected to a spam advert page for gambling. Here is the spam page×150+linktarget=%27_blank%27+rnd=1244539606

Sometimes this is so bad I can hardly use Yahoo because I’m battling to go back to Yahoo away from the gambling page while it keeps trying to go to the gambling spam page, and then sometimes it simply stops and Yahoo functions OK.

I have contacted Yahoo about this (I only just sent the mail) and I have also scanned my whole computer for viruses, adware, spyware, and the scan result was clean. I am using AVG and AVG are looking into the issue.

While I wait for Yahoo and AVG to reply I was wondering if anyone else has experienced these problems or if you have any advice or know what is going on?

I’ve googled “” and its seems “” is related to spyware but I also realize companies like Yahoo do business with advert tracking companies such as “” and “doubleclick” who dump their tracking cookies on our computers. When pages load for Yahoo-Mail pages I also notice stuff loading for which is a tracking cookie evil, I think. I am currently blocking all third party cookies but this is not helping.

Thanks for advice and feedback.
AVG is apparently better software than trendmicro, according to reviews. I have switched away you Yahoo Classic to the more modern Yahoo mail reader, and so far it is OK so maybe the problem is something to do with Yahoo Classic?

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domme me

I am getting the same problem… just started today. I have full avg, up to date, and run full scan today (no infections found). I have also run malwarebytes (full product, and up to date) also, no infections found.
I ONLY get this from yahoo homepage, and yahoo mail… which makes me suspect that it is something peculiar to yahoo.

It is really annoying and obviously, I will try to get rid of it….if it continues then unfortunately it means yahoo has to go

(edit) answer here:.;_ylv=3?qid=20090612060524AAcVibc
which also explains why you’re only getting it on yahoo

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